Crown Chakra

The Seventh Chakra: Sahasrara (Crown)

The seventh chakra, Sahasrara, is located at the back of the head and is about our spiritual connection with the divine. This is a sacred space of enlightenment, associated with our highest awareness and our connection to universal consciousness.

When we are first born, consciousness begins at Sahasrara and journeys down the body to Muladhara chakra. The path of spiritual enlightenment is to raise consciousness back to the crown chakra, so that we may reconnect with universal consciousness once again.

When we reach this enlightenment state, it means that we have mastered balance in all the other lower chakras. When Sahasrara is activated, all physical feelings, emotions and desires disappear and a true state of bliss and transcendence occurs. We are able to find inner peace, be present in the moment, express unconditional gratitude and be aware of our connection with all living things.

Ego plays no part in Sahasrara and having this chakra open is the ultimate peak of mind and body transformation. We move beyond the physical senses of perception and into a place of divine spiritual enlightenment.

If we have not yet developed self-awareness or let go of our ego, the crown chakra cannot be awakened. For as long as we are holding onto material desires and possessions, we are unable to ascend into a higher consciousness.

Crown chakra energy blockage can result in depression and endless melancholy. Feelings of disconnect from the world and insecurity are manifested forms of a blocked crown chakra. 

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Meditation is an important tool in healing and balancing Sahasrara. Learning to silence our minds will encourage us to reflect and recognise on our toxic traits and thoughts and expel them from our psyche.

The clarity of clear quartz, amethyst and ametrine make them great crystals to help open up the crown chakra.

Essential oils such as frankincense, lotus, patchouli and ylang ylang are good choices for Sahasrara balancing.

Crown Chakra Location

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Element: Above all elements

Colour: Violet

Represented by: Lotus with one thousand petals

Bija mantra: Aum

Energy flow: Clockwise

Auric layer: Causal body

Location: Top of the head

Regulates: Pineal gland, skull, brain

Sense: Above all senses

Associated with: Divine guidance, serenity, enlightenment, transcendence, highest consciousness

Focus and intent: Awakened state and spiritual enlightenment

Crystals: Blue sapphire, amethyst, clear quartz, ametrine

Essential oils: Brahmi, jatamansi, rosemary, frankincense, lotus, patchouli, ylang ylang

Crown Chakra Crystals
Crown Chakra

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