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All the products, services and brands that we write about on Sun Moon Tribe are 100% coming from our own opinions and personal recommendations. If we like something and think you’ll love it too, we’ll share it. We will never share anything that we don’t support or believe in. This includes big and small brands alike.

We use affiliate links from big brands that we trust as a source of income for this blog. We do this for two reasons:

1. To partner up with global brands and companies that we genuinely love and believe could be beneficial to you; and

2. To keep things free for you, the reader of this journal.

All affiliate links will be fully disclosed and you’ll also find advertising banners around our site. Clicking on these links will not impact you as a reader. They are simply referral links where the retailer pays us a small percentage of any sales made in their shop (this is how we get paid for our work).

You – our community of readers – are our most valuable asset. We always make sure that the content we produce and the brands or products that we promote are for one reason only: to benefit whoever may be using our website.

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