9 Crystals to Keep Near You During Mercury Retrograde

Uh-oh, guess what just showed up again? Yup, it’s time to grab your crystals and brace yourself for Mercury retrograde mayhem!

For me personally, whenever Mercury retrograde comes around, I always experience computer and technology problems. Just as I was trying to finish off this article, the power cut out for a few hours. Given that 99% of my work is done online or on a computer, it actually causes a lot of delay to my workflow. Then from there, it’s like a domino effect of things going wrong and terrible miscommunications as a result.

How I prepare for Mercury retrograde

Over the years, I’ve learnt to prepare myself both mentally and physically for Mercury retrogrades. I usually follow a daily routine of:

  1. Saying a morning mantra.
  2. Burning sage or using essential oils to cleanse my space.
  3. Setting a calm intention for the day.

Crystals for Mercury retrograde

In addition to the three tasks listed above, I always keep specific crystals in my workspace for added protection. Mercury retrograde is infamous for its disruptive energy, and having the right crystals nearby can help you navigate through its challenges. From Aquamarine for clear communication to Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection, I’ve compiled a list of nine crystals that will keep you in balance during this cosmic event.

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Aquamarine is my number one crystal to ensure clear communication during this period. It’s a beautiful calming blue stone to look at. And it keeps me sane in those times where I just want to throw my laptop out the door when the internet connection stops working during a deadline.

Aquamarine crystals for Mercury retrograde

Black Tourmaline

Feeling chaotic or just a lot of bad juju around? Keep some Black Tourmaline on your desk to help ground and protect you from bad energies like fear and anxiety.

Black Tourmaline crystals for Mercury retrograde


Fluorite is perfect for keeping you focused and clear-headed. If you find yourself losing clarity, or just losing it in general, this crystal emits peaceful vibes that helps keep you balanced. It activates your third eye chakra and helps with mental stability and decision-making.

Fluorite crystal

Rose Quartz

During a Mercury Retrograde, it is a known fact that our emotions are all over the shop. Expect lots of frustration, crying and extra-sensitiveness – no matter what your zodiac sign. I always keep Rose Quartz nearby to balance my emotions and – let’s be honest – to hold whilst I cry over nothing. With its wonderful natural inner-healing properties, Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal to have when you need some comforting and positive vibes.

Clear Quartz

The OG of healing crystals, Clear Quartz is used for cleansing away any negative energies. It amplifies the energy of the other crystals, so having one of these bad boys will boost all the good vibes that are radiating from your crystal collection.

Clear Quartz crystals for Mercury retrograde


Another wonderful crystal to keep those bad energies at bay during a Mercury Retrograde is Labradorite. Usually with retrogrades, a lot of past energies will be brought up and you may find yourself dealing with situations that you thought were over. Keep some Labradorite around you to deflect any past bad vibes and to remind yourself of the inner healing journey that you are currently going through.


A powerful healing crystal, Amethyst is a great stone to keep around, as it can protect you from negative energies trying to filter into your mind. Connected to the third eye chakra, Amethyst can help you stay on a spiritual high vibe during those challenging retrograde moments.

Amethyst crystals for Mercury retrograde


Much like Aquamarine, having an Amazonite crystal can encourage open and honest communication during a Mercury retrograde. It is also a great crystal to help alleviate stress and calm down those nerves.

Aquamarine crystals for Mercury retrograde

White Howlite

Have you noticed that people in general are usually frazzled and super-stressed during Mercury Retrograde? White Howlite is a great crystal to help you stay clear-headed when everyone else is going berserk. The white colour of Howlite brings about soothing energies and absorbs any negative and stagnant energies, bringing you peace of mind in chaotic situations.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, navigating Mercury retrograde presents its fair share of challenges. However, with proactive mental and physical preparation, you can effectively weather this disruptive cosmic energy. Remember, the choice of crystals is personal—what matters most is finding ones that resonate with you and support your journey through the retrograde period. So, whether you’re reaching for Aquamarine or Amethyst, trust in their power to guide you through the retrograde storm.

9 Crystals to Keep Near You During Mercury Retrograde
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