Moon Reading Review: What Moon Phase Were You Born Under?

Are you curious about astrology and how it can impact your life? Well, I’m here to share with you my very own personal Moon Reading review. You may have seen the hype on social media surrounding Moon Reading – a free astrology reading software that’s trending on TikTok and Instagram. Basically, what it does is give you just that – a personalised moon reading.

Out of curiosity, I thought I’d give it a shot and try out a free Moon Reading for myself. I wanted to share my personal experience with you, rather than just giving you a spiel about what Moon Reading offers. Of course, you can always check out their website to get all the details on the program. But for now, let me tell you about my own journey with Moon Reading.

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What is a Moon Reading?

From my own understanding, a moon reading is similar to a birth or natal chart reading. It states on the website that, “When you request a moon reading, our advanced software generates a 3D model of the solar system on the day you were born, and calculates the transits and aspects of the moon and planets. We take this data and combine it with our comprehensive library of astrological information to create a personalised Moon Reading, totally unique to you!”

When you first go onto the Moon Reading website, it will prompt you to enter your birth date, time and place. Using this information, the program will generate a reading based on your moon sign. In astrology, the moon sign represents your emotional nature, subconscious mind, and instinctive reactions, unveiling the deeper aspects of your personality and inner emotional landscape. It can be different from your sun sign – which is the zodiac sign that you associate your birthday with.

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So, what do you receive with a free Moon Reading? I’ll list what the website says:

  • A detailed explanation of your moon sign and its significance in your life
  • Insights into which moon phase you were born under and how it influences your past, present, and future
  • Meditation guidance
  • Free Tarot readings and bonus readings
  • Lunar Horoscopes

My Personal Moon Reading Review

So, what can you expect when you input your details into the system?

I’ve recorded the first two minutes of my personalised Moon Reading (sped up 2x) in a screen recording. Take a look at it below:

I have to say, I’m genuinely impressed with how comprehensive this free reading is. It delves into a lot of different aspects and provides detailed information. What I find particularly useful is that it covers both the positive and negative traits associated with your moon sign, giving you a well-rounded understanding of how it influences not only you but also your environment.

The surprises kept coming even after the initial reading. Over the next few days, my email inbox received a series of delightful freebies. Not only did I receive the comprehensive reading, but I was also gifted guided meditations and a tarot card reading. All without having to spend a single cent.

It’s truly impressive how well-thought-out this program is. It seems to go above and beyond to provide a complete and enriching experience. I feel that the inclusion of these bonus materials further enhances the value and depth of the overall offering. It’s evident that the creators have put considerable effort and time to create this program.

Mystic Cave Meditation by Moon Reading
The free Mystic Cave Meditation that was sent to my email inbox
Free Tarot Reading from Moon Reading
A free tarot card reading was sent to my inbox in the following days

I was Born Under a Waxing Crescent Moon

I must admit, one of my favourite aspects of this Moon Reading experience was discovering which phase of the moon I was born under. Is this information life-changing? Probably not. However, it does make for an interesting conversation starter or a topic to break awkward silences.

Moon Reading: What moon phase you were born under

Who Created Moon Reading?

Moon Reading is brought to you by Jeremy and Brad, the talented individuals behind this remarkable astro-service. They also operate ThoughtOpera, a platform specialising in unique manifestation meditations. You can learn more about them here on Vimeo. Both the Moon Reading and ThoughtOpera programs are hosted on the ClickBank platform. ClickBank is an online marketplace renowned for its focus on digital products, including e-books, software, and online courses. I’ll also note that the emails you receive about your Moon Reading are from Brad.

Overall Impressions

If you’re intrigued by the concept of uncovering your moon sign, I highly recommend giving Moon Reading a try. It’s an experience that carries minimal risk, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find it quite enjoyable to discover which moon phase you were born under.

While the information presented in Moon Reading may not necessarily provide groundbreaking revelations for those who have previously delved into birth chart readings, it still offers valuable insights into your personality.

So, if you have a few spare minutes and a genuine curiosity about yourself, I encourage you to give it a go. There’s nothing to lose, and who knows, you might stumble upon some fascinating aspects of your moon sign along the way.

Moon Reading Review

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