Birth Charts: A Simple Tool To Know Yourself

Before I knew about the existence of birth charts, my understanding of astrology was inadequately limited. All I knew was that there were twelve zodiac signs and everybody was born under a sign. And depending on what sign you were born under, you would embody the characteristics of that sign. Embarrassingly, that was the extent of my astrology knowledge.

Being a late September baby, I was born under the zodiac sign of Libra. I grew up identifying with all the Libran qualities and believed I was a typical Libra to a tee. At the beginning of 2021, I decided to go see a psychic. As soon as I walked in, the psychic asked me if I was an earth sign. She said I had a very strong earth presence. I shook my head confidently and told her I’m 100% an air sign. She disagreed and said she definitely felt that I had earth placements in my chart. 

Wait, what?? Placements? Charts?!

The first 5 minutes of the reading consisted of the psychic explaining what a birth chart was to me. Apparently, my aura was very “earthy”. After I found this out, I went down the rabbit hole of birth and natal charts. I plugged my details into a birth chart calculator and, LO AND BEHOLD, I found out I had a Capricorn rising.

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It all makes sense…

After I read my birth chart, my mind was blown. My tiny astrology bubble burst open and I started to somewhat understand why I was the way I was. The Capricorn rising definitely explains why I can be stubborn – especially when it’s about reaching goals and ambitions.  For me personally, once I realised I had so many layers that I didn’t even know existed, I actually became less critical of myself (I have a Mars in Virgo).

If you don’t know how to read birth charts, don’t stress. There are heaps of tools that interpret and explain the chart for you (like the one below from Astro-Charts; or perhaps a Moon Reading is more your thing). To be honest, I’m still a noob at astrology. I still need people to explain to me what all these planets mean and how it affects me as a person. But by having a basic knowledge of what’s going on with the stars and planets, it’s given me some clarity on things. 

Also, the bonus to knowing your birth chart is that you can now watch tarot readings on YouTube and finally understand what the readers mean when they say ‘check your sun, moon and rising’. Sometimes I resonate with the Libra readings and sometimes it’s Capricorn. If you’re new to the world of tarot reading, check out the article 5 Tarot Readers To Watch On YouTube In 2023.

P.S. Wanna take it one step further and use birth charts to check your compatibility with someone? Try out a synastry chart here!

Birth Charts: A Simple Tool To Know Yourself

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