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Top 10 Local Australian Tea Brands To Try For The Ultimate Sipping Experience

As winter approaches, many people start to look for ways to stay cosy and warm. And what could be more therapeutic than a steaming cup of delicious hot tea to help ward off the chill? 

We are extremely fortunate that Australia is home to many wonderful tea businesses, each offering unique blends and flavours that are sure to delight tea enthusiasts of all kinds.

For our list, we’ve included tea brands that offer genuine native Australian teas, allowing you to explore the unique flavours and cultural significance of these indigenous ingredients. By supporting these businesses, you’re not only indulging in delicious teas but also helping to preserve and celebrate Australia’s rich cultural heritage.

Every tea business on our list prioritises sustainability, opting for eco-friendly packaging solutions to reduce their environmental impact. So go ahead, indulge in your favourite cup of tea and feel good about supporting local businesses that care about their communities and the environment.

So, without further ado, here are our top 10 local Australian tea brands to warm up your winter and beyond!

Organic Merchant

Based in Sydney, Organic Merchant is an Australian holistic and wellness brand that specialises in 100% ACO certified organic handcrafted tea blends. Their teas are created using only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from organic and biodynamic farms around the world. Chalimah Jeanne, the founder of Organic Merchant, is a practising naturopath who has a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of plants and herbs. She integrates clinical science with ancient Western, Chinese, Peruvian, and Ayurvedic wisdom to formulate teas that are not only delicious but also promote holistic wellness.



Have you ever tried a tea made from native Australian bush plants? If not, you’re in for a treat! Roogenic is an Australian tea company from Fremantle that prides itself on offering unique blends made from the highest quality ingredients. Their wild harvested and organically grown tea come straight from Indigenous communities and local farmers, so you can experience the real taste of Australia in every sip. One of Roogenic’s most popular teas is the Sleep Tea, and for good reason! This special blend is formulated to help you get a restful night’s sleep, and includes a powerful sleep aid called Jilungin. This amazing ingredient has been used for thousands of years by the Nyul Nyul community, and is just one example of the incredible plant-based wisdom that Roogenic draws on to create their teas.


Perfect South

If you’re a fan of traditional Japanese green teas like Houjicha, Sencha, and Genmaicha, then you should definitely check out Perfect South, a Sydney-based tea company. They source their green tea locally from farmers in North East Victoria and preserve the authentic Japanese methods of production. Perfect South creates blends and limited edition teas that are unique to the Australian market and they use only the highest quality ingredients. Their teas are hand-blended using organic or wild-harvested herbs, flowers, seeds, and fruits, ensuring that every cup is a delicious and authentic experience.


Melbourne Bushfood

Melbourne Bushfood is a social enterprise with a mission to bring genuine native ingredients to the forefront of the Australian market. They work exclusively with Aboriginal Enterprises, Wild Harvesters, and Small Farmers to source only the most authentic and high-quality herbs and plants. By working with these communities, Melbourne Bushfood is able to reduce environmental impact and ensure that no harmful chemicals are used in the process. The tea collection includes a range of blends that not only offers a delightful taste but also provides numerous health benefits.



Get ready to embark on a tea lover’s dream with T BAR, a family-owned business based in Adelaide. With over 120 delicious flavours in their collection, you’ll be spoiled for choice. With a large selection of unique blends sourced from all over the world, they have a tea blend for every taste and preference. Get ready to indulge in a world of tantalising tea flavours that are sure to delight your taste buds and elevate your tea-drinking experience.


Mayde Tea

If you’re a fan of natural healing and plant-based wellness, you’re going to love Mayde Tea! This amazing tea company from Byron Bay was founded by naturopath Kate Dalton, who has a deep passion for the healing properties of plants. After experiencing the benefits of tea in her own health journey, Kate created the Mayde Tea collection to share her love of plant-based healing and natural living with the world. Mayde Tea’s commitment to quality is reflected in each tea blend, which is lovingly hand-blended and made in small batches using certified organic ingredients. With a wide variety of blends to choose from, ranging from classic breakfast teas to aromatic herbal blends, Mayde Tea has something for everyone.


Heart Therapeutics

Indulge in a sensory experience with Heart Therapeutics, a Noosa-based wellness company that offers a remarkable range of delicious Australian-made cruelty-free tea blends. The brand’s founder, Misha, is a professional chef and naturopath who has meticulously crafted each tea blend to address specific concerns, making them not only delicious but also highly beneficial for your well-being. Whether you’re looking to relax, detox, or boost your immune system, Heart Therapeutic’s tea blends are the perfect choice for a flavourful and sustainable indulgence.


Tea By Birdy

Tea By Birdy in the Gold Coast is a great place to start if you’re looking for help in creating your own unique tea blend. With their expertise, they can guide you in selecting the perfect ingredients to craft a one-of-a-kind tea. And if you’re feeling extra creative, Tea By Birdy also offers a range of carefully sourced floral botanical ingredients, such as pink rose buds and lavender flowers, that you can purchase to mix your own tea blends at home. With over 70 different types of tea and flavours to choose from, including pre-made blends, Tea By Birdy is the perfect one-stop-shop for tea lovers of all kinds.


The Rabbit Hole

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a tea lover? Look no further than The Rabbit Hole in Sydney, which offers a variety of exciting options, including tea subscriptions that are great for both yourself and your loved ones. Alternatively, you can build your own custom tea and treats hamper and have it delivered. The Rabbit Hole is well-known for their signature teas, as well as their use of premium ingredients and native Australian teas. Also, you won’t want to miss out on the unique and colourful teas on offer, such as the Vivid Colour Changing Tea. Give the gift of a delicious and memorable tea experience with The Rabbit Hole.


The Tea Hut

Perth brand The Tea Hut prides itself on its commitment to organic tea blending practices. As a 100% ACO certified organic business, they adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that their teas are of the highest quality and free from any harmful chemicals or additives. By using only organic ingredients, they not only provide customers with a healthier tea option, but also support a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly tea industry. The Tea Hut offers an impressive and extensive range of organic teas, each one carefully blended to provide a unique and delicious flavour experience.


A Woman Drinking Tea
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