Where to Buy Metaphysical, New Age and Spiritual Books in Australia

When it comes to books, I’m pretty old-school. I like my books in paperback format with physical pages that I can flip, mark and stick notes over. I also enjoy giving my old books away to other people who can benefit from the magic within the pages.

As somebody who predominantly works in the digital universe, paperback books are my escape from technology. Whether it’s a fiction novel or a non-fiction textbook, I welcome any sort of book into my life.

My love of books has led me to do some research and compile a list of my top places to shop for mind, body and spirit books in Australia. All of the shops in this list:

  • Carry an extensive range of metaphysical, new age and spiritual books and media
  • Stock tarot and oracle decks
  • Have an online store you can buy directly from
  • Offer Australia-wide shipping

I’ve kept the list to mainly locally-owned and independent new age and spiritual bookshops with the exception of a few larger companies and publishers (simply for the huge number of products in their catalogue).

Theosophical Society Bookshop

The first bookshop on this list is my local – the Theosophical Society Bookshop located in Melbourne CBD. This is my personal favourite go-to store to discover new and existing metaphysical and spiritual books. With a vast collection of resources available – including books, audio, tarot and oracle decks – the TS Bookshop is an exciting labyrinth for new age literature and products.



Rockpool Publishing

Rockpool Publishing is an Australian-owned publisher, specialising in mind, body and spirit titles. Along with books, they also publish an extensive range of oracle cards, diaries and journals. You’ll find a range of exclusive and unique products on their website which you can buy directly from.



Carpe Diem with Remi

Carpe Diem is a spiritual superstore located in the heart of Port Adelaide. Their online store has over 1,000+ book titles that cover topics such as angel and guides, astrology, crystals, feng shui, meditation, tarot and wicca. They’ve also got hundreds of oracle and tarot decks to choose from. It truly is your one-stop metaphysical shop!



Hay House Publishing

Hay House is a global publisher of books (print, electronic, and audio), card decks, calendars, streaming content, mobile apps, and more. They carry titles from well-known authors such as Denise Linn, Colette Baron-Reid, Sandra Anne Taylor and Kyle Gray. You can purchase books and card decks directly from their website and when you get in on a sale, the prices are usually cheaper than RRP.



Global Contact

Global Contact is a metaphysical and self-help bookshop located in Berry on the NSW South Coast. They have a huge selection of mind, body & spirit books and audio, as well as a handful of fiction titles, journals, tarot decks and oracle cards. If you’re after something special, check out the curated ‘Packages’ section filled with collections of wonderful goodies.



The Crystal Ball

A metaphysical hub in Far North Queensland, The Crystal Ball is a local and independently-owned bookstore in Cairns stocking the largest range of spiritual, new age and self-help books and media. With so many products on offer, you’re bound to find what you are looking for. And if you can’t, the team is happy for you to contact them to enquire about it.



Sacred Source

Another one of my go-to stores in Melbourne, Sacred Source in Malvern is a crystal shop and new age store carrying a large collection of books, media and card decks. With over 600+ decks available, chances are that you will find a few new favourites just from browsing!



The Eternal Spirit

The Eternal Spirit is an alternative and holistic store in Adelaide selling beautiful products that are curated by the owner. They have an extensive range of books and audio branching over topics such as chakras, aromatherapy, healing, divination, spiritual development, tarot, wicca and so much more! If you’re after tarot accessories, The Eternal Spirit carries a good selection of tarot cloths, boxes and bags.



Back To Basics

Located in Williamstown, just outside of the Melbourne CBD, is Back To Basics. Aside from stocking a huge range of crystals, jewellery, incense and natural products, Back To Basics has an extensive range of tarot and oracle decks, and a great selection of mind, body and spirit book titles.



Angus & Robertson

For the more popular titles that you may not find in the independent bookshops, you may be able to find at Angus & Robertson. With over 60,000+ products in the mind, body and spirit category, there is a chance that the book you are after is stocked here. Whilst you probably won’t find too many indie or self-published cards and decks, the selection of popular tarot and oracle cards is decent.


Please note that some of the links in this post may be affiliate links and any purchase made through the links will give us a small commission (at absolutely no extra cost to you). These funds help us to keep sharing good vibes through this journal. Please read our Affiliate Disclaimer for more info.

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