5 Best Fine Line And Sacred Geometry Tattoo Studios In Melbourne

Fine line tattoos are all the rage right now. From delicate minimalist florals to intricate sacred geometry, there’s a chance you’ve seen them all over social media. Perhaps you’re even considering getting a fine line or sacred geometry tattoo (and, thus, have stumbled across this post).

In my recent quest to find a tattoo studio in Melbourne that specialises in fine line tattoos for my own personal tattoo, I wanted to make sure I went to a studio and artist who could create the exact design and style I wanted. As this was going to be my first-ever tattoo, I thoroughly researched fine line tattoos and looked up the work of tattoo artists on Instagram.

As beautiful and elegant as fine line tattoos are, there really is no room for error when it comes to minimal or geometric designs. If a line isn’t straight or a circle isn’t completely round, it will be instantly noticeable. And with tattoos being permanent, that would mean having to look at the error everyday.

This is why I believe it’s very important to find an artist or studio with the technical skills for fine line tattoos. Lucky for us, these days we can just search up the hashtag #finelinetattoo and it will give us access to hundreds (and even thousands) of talented tattoo artists.

Using my research, I shortlisted 5 fine line tattoo studios in Melbourne who I believe are the best at creating minimal and delicate designs. This includes celestial designs, floral designs, lettering and geometry.

JOPOMBC, Melbourne

JOPOMBC is a tattoo studio in Melbourne CBD specialising in minimalistic and fine line blackwork. I ended up going here for my own tattoo and it turned out really good. The highly detailed and delicate floral tattoos are exceptionally beautiful here.

Fine Line Tattoos, Carlton

Fine Line Tattoos is Melbourne’s most trusted and original fine line tattoo studio. It is well-known locally and internationally for its clean fine line blackwork. If you’re after a typographic tattoo, owner/artist Cholo excels at tattoo lettering.

More Than Tattoo, Footscray

If you’re looking for a studio that does fine line, dot work and geometry, More Than Tattoo has a talented team of skilled artists specialising in these styles. From small minimalistic tattoos to large personalised pieces, the crew at More Than Tattoo are happy to help you create the perfect artwork.

Sweet Pea Tattoo, Melbourne

Vegan-friendly studio, Sweet Pea Tattoo, specialises in fine line blackwork, illustrations and intricate detailing. The fine line illustrations are super delicate and the bigger pieces are highly detailed. The studio is also known for cartoon and anime tattoos, such as characters from Studio Ghibli.

T.Ink Tattoo Studio, Docklands

Delicate fine line florals and botanicals are T.Ink Tattoo Studio’s specialty (especially Australian flora and fauna designs). Apart from florals, the studio also specialises in fine line blackwork and realistic tattoos.

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