Crystals And Reiki With Kelli From MoonstoneGypsyAu

Located in the beautiful Eumundi Hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, you’ll find MoonstoneGypsyAu – a family business offering crystals and ritual tools for all the mystics, healers and pagans of Australia (and the world) since 2016.

Owned and operated by Kelli and Wayne Brooker, MoonstoneGypsyAu is your one-stop online shop for everything crystals, rituals and metaphysical. Not only will you find some of the more rarer crystals on their website, MoonstoneGypsyAu also offers Distant Reiki Healing and online Tarot Readings.

A quick glance at their Instagram account will reveal the enormous range of metaphysical and handmade goods available in their growing collection. From crystals and handmade jewellery, to organic teas and hair wraps, MoonstoneGypsyAu has everything under the sun to make a bohemian’s soul happy.

I had the pleasure of catching up with owner Kelli Brooker to chat about the incredible business that she’s built.

Kelli, you’ve got a really interesting background. Can you please tell us more about your Native American lineage and the spiritual practices that you grew up with?

My lineage is something I’m very proud of. I have Native American Cherokee/Lumbee blood from my paternal side of the family. That side of my family and Ancestors live in North Carolina (Rowan County) and haven’t moved since the 1700’s! I love Smudge Cleansing myself everyday and adore using SweetGrass Braids. These connect us to Mother Earth and their smoke brings peace, good energy and clearing. The holy Smoke from herbs sends our thoughts to our Ancestors and the Heavens above.

What was the inspiration behind establishing MoonstoneGypsyAu? 

I was meditating one night with my Astrophyllite Wand and I clearly heard my Guides tell me to start Healing and open a Crystal business. So, I listened and got to work the next day planning it. My family supported me the whole way. Nearly 6 years on, we are going great and I have all my family working with me!

One thing that I love about MoonstoneGypsyAu is the curated selection of rare and uncommon crystals that you stock. If you had to pick favourites, which would be your top 5 rare crystals?

I honestly can’t choose favourites with common or rare crystals! But ones I can’t live without are Moonstone, Turquoise, Apophyllite, Carnelian & Shiva Lingham.

You’ve got a lovely range of handmade and local items stocked in your shop. What are some of the one-of-a-kind items that customers can find there?

We offer some one-off items such as handmade resin moons, dried herbal spell blends, Reiki/crystal infused organic teas and our new handmade Turquoise Jewellery Collection (SweetGrass Studio) that Wayne and I started Silversmithing months ago. I’m adding a little Cherokee insight/story to each piece we create.

Besides running the MoonstoneGypsyAu store, you are also an accredited Crystal Healer & Usui Reiki Master. For those who are not familiar with these practices, can you please briefly explain how Distant Reiki Healing works and who it is best suited for?

Distant Reiki is suited to every living thing. Reiki works on the concept that we are all connected through energy. We all have a vibration. Reiki is Energy that is channeled through my palms, to the client. I draw various symbols in the air, which are directed to the photo and name of my client. Reiki goes to exactly where you need it. “Rei” means Universal “Ki” means life force energy. It’s pronounced “Raykey”. I use crystals in the healing as they have their own vibration which amplifies and protects both myself and the client. 

✨ Click here to book a Distant Reiki Healing Session with Kelli ✨

Finally, what are some of your favourite things to do in your spare time?

My favourite things to do in my downtime are Silversmithing, sitting outside in nature at home, gardening & enjoying magnesium baths!




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