Aura Photography: I Got My Aura Captured On Photo

If you’re all about that mystical, magical, and metaphysical vibe, then you’ve probably heard of aura photography. It’s the latest trend among people who want to tap into their spiritual side and explore the energy that surrounds them. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, there’s no denying that aura photography is an intriguing and visually stunning way to capture the essence of your aura and learn more about yourself.

As the MindBodySpirit Festival rolled into Melbourne yesterday, I excitedly grabbed myself a ticket, messaged a friend to join me, and eagerly awaited my designated entry day. I usually don’t have a game plan when visiting the festival and always end up like a kid in a candy store at the event. 

In the midst of all the crystals, holistic foods and tarot cards, I spotted a long line of attendees at one of the stalls. Out of curiosity, my friend and I hovered over to see what the fuss was about. It turns out that it was Aura Photographics

Honestly, I don’t know much about auras. But nonetheless, I was intrigued. So, my friend and I both thought, why not give it a go and get our aura photos taken. Like with anything to do with metaphysics, I find it best to keep an open mind and not take things too seriously. I whipped out my credit card, tapped it, and joined the line.

As I took a seat in front of the camera, I was asked to place both my hands on sensors located on each side of the chair. I was told that these sensors are used to record my energy data. Once the photo was snapped, it took about five minutes to develop and print out. At first glance, there was so much blue and white in my photo! I had no idea what these colours meant.

Blue Aura Photo: I Got My Aura Captured On Photo
My blue aura. I’ve blurred out my face in the photo, but the actual picture you receive is clear and crisp.

Fortunately, I was then placed in another line to await my aura photo reading. It turns out that an aura photo interpretation with a human reader is included with the purchase. As you can imagine, like at any big exhibition, the stall was an open space with no curtains or private consultation rooms. This means that whilst you get your reading done, pretty much anyone can see and hear what is being said to you. As I chatted with my friend in line, we saw a woman who was getting her aura interpretation done start breaking down in tears. We guessed the reading must’ve hit a spot of hidden trauma (nothing unusual at a spiritual convention).

When it was my turn to get a reading, I sat down in front of the next available reader and showed her my photo. Without giving her any prior information about myself, she started the reading by describing my personality. The ocean of blue around my aura is said to symbolise sensitivity, truth, calmness and an interest in humanities. She also mentioned that blue is a sign of intuition and apparently mine is very strong.

She continued to tell me that the red patch in the middle of my throat area reveals that I struggle with self-doubt, which consequently causes me to question my intuition. She tells me that I need to let go and just trust it. She reminded me to take care of myself mentally, as people with blue auras are often empaths and take on a lot of other people’s burdens and energies. She asked me if I had recently gone through some spiritual awakening, as the prominent white arch around my crown chakra showed I had reached a higher level of consciousness. She would be correct – I went through a Dark Night of The Soul experience three years ago. (Not sure what that is? Lonerwolf has a great article on it here.)

She also mentioned the white orbs shown above my head were my spirit guides making themselves known to me and they had the following message to relay: I should ask for help when I need it. I found this humorous, as anyone who knows me, knows that I hardly ask for help and then end up stressing myself out trying to do things by myself.

At the end of the reading, without thinking, I said to her, “You know what’s funny? I was thinking before taking the photo that my aura would be blue; but then I wasn’t sure about it and second-guessed myself.” She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “This is exactly what I was saying about having to trust your intuition more.” 

Verdict: The aura photography experience definitely left me with some food for thought, and if anything, showed me that I was somewhat on the right path. The spirit guides manifesting into a physical photo was also pretty cool.

You can find out more about Aura Photographics here.

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