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Where To Buy Fair Trade Gifts In Australia

Looking for the perfect present that not only brings joy but also supports a global movement for fairness and sustainability? That’s where Fair Trade gifts come in. In an era of increasing consciousness about the origins and impact of our consumer choices, these ethically-sourced treasures have gained popularity among those who seek to make a positive difference. Australia, renowned for its vibrant markets and diverse craft traditions, offers a multitude of locations where you can find unique fair trade gifts that empower artisans around the world.

In this article, we present a curated list of 15 exceptional Australian stores that not only provide a delightful shopping experience but also support Fair Trade principles, enabling you to make socially responsible purchases without compromising on style or quality. Along with Fair Trade products, a lot of these shops also stock locally-made and grown products, which help support our own local small businesses.

All of these shops have incredible background stories on their websites. Be sure to check out the ‘About’ section on each website to find out more about the amazing people behind these businesses. It’s inspiring to read about the work that they do to assist with ending social injustice and environmental destruction.

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Ethical by Nature (Apsara Ethical Gifts)

Ethical by Nature stocks a large range of Fair Trade, eco-friendly, handmade and vegan products, both online and in-store. Most of the items are Fair Trade guaranteed or Fairtrade certified. When you make a purchase, it gives people living in poverty an opportunity to earn an income. This allows them to afford the most basic of needs such as food, shelter, healthcare and schooling.

Create Fair Trade

Create Fair Trade in Batemans Bay sells Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable products sourced from around the globe. Each purchase from the store helps to contribute to those who are most vulnerable around the world. This includes people with disabilities, widows and children on extremely low incomes. Create Fair Trade supports grass roots small producers to stay sustainable and encourage them to practice Fair Trade principles.

Uplift Fair Trade

Based in Katoomba, Uplift Fair Trade is an organisation that exists to put a stop to human trafficking and slavery. They seek to educate and empower Australians to uplift people all over the world through ethical purchase and creating opportunities for disadvantaged artisans. Along with having an online store, Uplift Fair Trade is also a wholesaler of Fair Trade ethical and sustainable products.

The Fair Trade Cove

The Fair Trade Cove, located in Lane Cove, stocks a wide range of ethical products. Here, you will find a large selection of Fair Trade products. Additionally, the store focuses on eco-sustainability, offering organic, recycled, up-cycled, and natural material products. Moreover, their collection includes items that are vegan and cruelty-free. The Fair Trade Cove is a collaboration of two businesses working together to bring Australian customers a wide selection of Fair Trade and ethical goods. Each purchase helps to challenge the culture of exploitation in the current state of global consumerism.

The Elephant Emporium

The Elephant Emporium was founded with a passion for sharing the exceptional craftsmanship of artisans from Southeast Asia. Their mission is to bring economic empowerment and sustainable income to these talented artisans. Through strong relationships, they import unique and captivating products, making them available to conscious consumers. Every purchase from The Elephant Emporium makes a positive difference in the lives of artisans worldwide, creating a socially-responsible “Give Back” within the global community.

Palestine Fair Trade Australia

If you’re in search of unique and ethically-sourced Fair Trade products from Palestine, check out Palestine Fair Trade Australia (PFTA). They offer a diverse range of products, including organic olive oils and traditional foods from Canaan Fair Trade in Jenin. Additionally, they feature soap from Nablus and a variety of embroideries and crafts from all over Palestine. As a registered charity and social enterprise, every purchase you make from PFTA creates positive change in the lives of Palestinians.

Tribes and Nations

Founded in 2005, Tribes and Nations is a family-owned Fair Trade business in the Blue Mountains. They are not only a Fair Trade store but also a resource hub for Australians seeking guidance on living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Their extensive product range includes homewares, food items, and beverages like Fair Trade coffee (ground and instant), leaf tea, and cocoa. There is also a selection of recycled, up-cycled and eco-friendly products available.

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Fair Trade at the Hill

Fair Trade at the Hill, located in Summer Hill, is a unique Fair Trade store that brings together a diverse collection of fair traders. With a warm welcome, they offer a wide selection of Fair Trade, artisan-made, and sustainable products to their community. Their store is brimming with goods sourced from all over the world, carefully selected by their traders to ensure each item has a positive social and environmental impact.

Global Conduct

Global Conduct is a well-established Fair Trade online business operating out of Sydney. The business began in 2006 as a concept to promote and provide a Fair Trade option to Australians. Today, it is still providing Australians the opportunity to purchase ethical and sustainable goods from around the world. The range at Global Conduct encompasses a variety of products, including textiles, bags, fashion, jewellery, and giftware. These items are crafted by and support artisan groups from India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, as well as Australia.


The Fair Trader

Located east of Melbourne, The Fair Trader in Croydon South stocks an incredible range of unique Fair Trade, handmade, local and sustainable products. Here, you’ll find beautiful treasures from around the world made by talented artisans. Each purchase gives these creators a fair income and helps to support their everyday living expenses. Hop onto The Fair Trader’s website to read more about the people behind the products.

For Dignity

For Dignity in Melbourne was founded as a response to the problems of human exploitation and environmental abuse. The store offers thoughtfully curated products that align with the eco-friendly Australian lifestyle. Every purchase made at For Dignity contributes to their vital work of preventing, rescuing, and restoring those impacted by human trafficking and slavery.

Only Just Fair Trade

Located in Eltham, a north-eastern suburb of Melbourne, Only Just is a Fair Trade shop that offers products from over 30 developing countries. In addition, they also feature items that support indigenous Australian communities. As a registered not-for-profit organisation, Only Just is primarily operated by dedicated volunteers serving on a passionate and skilled board. Every purchase made at Only Just directly contributes to supporting some of the world’s most marginalised communities. This includes leprosy victims, survivors of human trafficking, individuals affected by exploded landmines and polio, and many others.


Community Projects Worldwide

Community Projects Worldwide in Eumundi is a social enterprise that sells charitable products and supports an organisation in Swaziland that helps child-headed households. You’ll find a range of beautiful handcrafted ethical & Fair Trade gifts and wares in the retail store. Furthermore, you can learn more about each artisan on the website. The owners take great pride in working closely with all their suppliers, of whom they have a mutual relationship of respect, trust and consideration with. Each purchase helps to provide a sustainable income for the artisan and their community.

The Green House

The Green House in Cairns is an eco-friendly business that offers a range of Fair Trade gifts, reusable household items, and locally written books. By providing an alternative to mainstream shopping, the store aims to promote ethical and eco-conscious products while giving back to the community. A percentage of the profits generated at The Green House is dedicated to supporting local conservation and social justice groups.



Based out of Perth, U-chüs offers sustainable handcrafted gifts, homewares and jewellery, ethically made by artisans from marginalised communities. They prioritise safe working environments and fair wages, allowing artisans to experience happier and more dignified lives. By fostering ongoing partnerships with their producers, U-chüs actively contributes to the economic security of these communities. Through their commitment to ethical choices, U-chüs, along with their vibrant family of artisans, producer partners, wholesalers, and customers, continues to make a meaningful impact in numerous lives.

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