Clearing Blockages: Energy Healing With Kristen From Calma Places

Located on the serene Central Coast of New South Wales lies Calma Places, a sanctuary for energy healing and spiritual exploration. Its purpose is to provide a space where people can escape the external clamour and find inner peace.

This tranquil haven was established by Kristen Budd, a certified Energy Healer and Meditation practitioner. Under the professional guidance of Kristen, Calma Places offers transformative meditation and energy healing sessions. These sessions aim to help you find balance and harmony in your mind, body, and energy system.

In addition to providing in-person sessions, Kristen extends her healing presence to clients through online platforms like Zoom. Recognising the importance of accessibility and flexibility, she offers virtual sessions that allow clients to receive her guidance from home. No matter the geographical distance, Kristen is committed to bringing her transformative work to those who need it.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Kristen about her profound passion for energy healing and meditation. In our conversation, she shares her wonderful journey of how she got into energy healing. Furthermore, she offers valuable insights into the nature of energy healing and the myriad of benefits that meditation can bring.

How did you first get into energy healing? Can you please share your journey and what led you to this profession?

I had a gradual spiritual awakening, however all of it completely intensified over the past 5 years. This led to some remarkable experiences to say the least! Some of these experiences left me confused, perplexed, lonely, ungrounded and I searched for understanding.

At the time, I was still working in Corporate Media as General Manager of 2 very large radio stations so no one I knew could support or try to understand. I was divinely guided to The Ashati Institute which opened me to the world of energy healing, meditation, psychic, personal and spiritual development.

It helped me to understand my spiritual experiences, heal my being, expand my awareness and comprehend my higher senses. I felt amazing, and with that, wanted to be able to help and share my gifts with others.

For those who are new to energy healing, can you please explain the concept in simple terms? How does it work and what are its potential benefits?

Energy healing works with the gentle and relaxing healing of our energetic centres, or better known as chakras, in our energy body. When we don’t clear out our energy centres, natural life force energy can’t flow through our body smoothly.

Our chakras become blocked with all of the emotions, mental anguish and trauma wounds that we have pushed away and not released or acknowledged. We start to feel exhausted, disconnected, unsatisfied and unhappy. Deeper issues can follow when dark emotions, trauma and old wounds fester in our energy field.

An energy healer channels the healing energies required, to softly and gently work through each of the chakras and energy centres, ensuring they open and start the journey of releasing any density or trauma that has been stored. When the density is released out of your energy body, you can literally turn your life around.

After a few sessions of energy work, you can feel lighter, energised, have clarity of your direction in life, feelings of joy, love and happiness return and you start living life at your fullest potential!

I would love to know more about your Energy Session with Reading service. Can you please run through what to expect during a session?

Most of my energy healings are done by distance (via Zoom with a lot of my clients from the UK, Sweden and the US). Energy is not physical and can flow beyond physical space. The process and effectiveness of energy healings done by distance versus a hands-on approach is identical.

I really focus on ensuring that my sessions are deeply relaxing! I have studied and been certified as a Reiki, Ashati, Alsemia Energy Master so I am attuned to work with several healing energy streams. I always start with a card reading to gauge the key themes for the individual. We discuss any pertinent life issues or any intentions for the healing session. I then have the participant lie down in their own space. Once they relax, and close their eyes they sometimes fall asleep, most times they drift in and out of a deep meditative state regardless of whether they are meditators or not. I then start channelling the healing energies into each of their chakras.

As this is happening, I have clients report they feel soft pins and needs, arms or legs jolt, vibration around their body all of which is an extremely relaxing experience. Some people have powerful visualisations and drift off into another world. I receive guidance from their teams in spirit and their Higher Self as I am working through, so I write it all down. It takes me about 20 minutes to work through each chakra. When I am finished, we spend some time talking about their experience and then I run through each chakra and relay all the messages received. 

In addition to energy readings and sessions, you also provide meditation courses and workshops. I’d be interested to hear about your personal experience with meditation and how it has positively impacted your life.

Meditation has been an absolute game changer for me! For 20 years I worked in the media industry for some of Australia’s biggest media corporations. Alongside the great accolades, came great stress and anxiety. My initiation into the holistic space altered my life completely. I found meditation as a daily practice and my ability to take control of stress and emotion improved dramatically.

I was carrying so much stress in my physical body that I was in a constant state of fight or flight and my body was breaking down. I was introduced to Vedic Meditation by a friend and results of stress reduction came through instantly! My world changed, friendships moved on, new ones started and I started becoming my most authentic self which is who I am today!

Do you have any tips for those who are new to meditation and looking to establish a regular practice?

  1. Same Time, Same Place: Carve out your meditation as an appointment time in your diary -“Same place, Same time”.
  2. Setup Your Dedicated Space: Setup an area where you are undisturbed, feel safe and completely comfortable in. Make it inviting and a space you want to spend time in. 
  3. Join a Meditation Class or Group: Group meditation is a powerful experience. The energy within a group of people meditating is extremely palpable and promotes a deeper meditation experience.

Lastly, which tarot card do you resonate with the most and why?

The Hermit  – He shines a light and keeps moving forward even when it’s scary. I resonate with this journey from coming out of corporate media and moving into my spiritual work. I just keep shining my light and moving myself forward regardless of how scary the unknown is. I trust I am supported and just keep shining the light forward.




Energy Healing With Kristen From Calma Places
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