Journeying Into The World Of Indie Tarot Decks With Chloe From Mystiko House

Meet Chloe – a woman of strength, resilience, and creativity. From a young age, Chloe faced a significant challenge when she was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) at only 16 years old. This diagnosis was a defining moment in her life and would alter the course of her life path forever.

Despite the devastation of having to let go of her dream of becoming an architect because of this diagnosis, Chloe refused to give up her love of art and design. Instead, she decided to channel her passions into another avenue – tarot reading and spirituality. And that’s how MYSTIKO HOUSE was born.

Chloe’s passion for the mystical and her love for sharing her discoveries with others has led her to create one of the best collections of indie tarot decks in Australia, all while supporting independent artists and creators in the process. At MYSTIKO HOUSE, she has carefully curated an exquisite collection of tarot decks and one-of-a-kind ritual wares that reflects her unique vision and her deep connection with the mystical realm.

Through her own experience, Chloe has discovered firsthand the incredible impact that these tools can have on our lives. And she is now dedicated to sharing these treasures with others, to help them on their own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

We were fortunate enough to have a chat with Chloe and uncover the secrets behind MYSTIKO HOUSE. Through our conversation, we discovered the incredible journey that led her to create one of the most beautiful online metaphysical stores in Australia.

When did you first become interested in spirituality? Was it a gradual process or did you have an awakening moment?

Spirituality has been a part of my journey since my early childhood, with critical moments of awakening along the way. Those wonderful times often came when I was at a crossroads in my life, and surrounded by nature.  

How do you personally utilise tarot cards, crystals and journaling as a healing tool?

My healing relationship with tarot, crystals and journaling is always evolving. When I started I thought I’d be getting all the answers to all my questions, but I quickly realised that these tools do the opposite – they open you up to asking even more. There’s so much more to life than our individual experiences, more than any one person can understand. That realisation is both beautiful and healing. 

You have a great selection of indie tarot decks in your store! How did you get into curating tarot decks and what usually draws you to a deck?

Thank you! I first started curating decks for my own personal collection. As a reader I always look for tarot and oracle decks that have a strong narrative. Each deck depicts a journey through life, but tells that story through the artist’s own voice which is so powerful and insightful.

Out of all the crystals in your shop collection, which is your favourite and why?

Amethyst will always hold a special place in my heart. Long before I was into meditating with crystals I was drawn to it without knowing why. You never know where your intuition will lead you, but it will always end well!

You must be a pro at decorating altars, given all the gorgeous stuff you have in your store! Do you have any tips for styling altars?

My number one tip for styling an altar is to keep the focus on what is most meaningful to you and your intentions. Rather than thinking about them separately, altars can be placed anywhere in the home and be blended into your decor. Analogous and complementary colour schemes, groupings of three items, mixed textures and other design methods can be used to heighten the energy of the altar by engaging all the senses.

Finally, our favourite question to ask tarot readers, which tarot card do you resonate with most and why?

I most resonate with The Star card. It shows us a scene of someone who has previously survived destruction (The Tower) and is now healing with hope in their heart. It takes a lot of strength to have faith in yourself and the world, but it is so worth it. 




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