12 Houses In Astrology Chart

The 12 Houses In Astrology: A Quick Introduction To Their Meanings

Have you ever wondered how astrology can shed light on our behaviours and even forecast future events? If you’ve ever had a birth chart reading, you may have noticed something referred to as houses. These houses in astrology and their meanings hold the key to unraveling the various aspects of our lives and unlocking hidden insights. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the profound meanings behind each of these astrological houses, offering a fresh perspective on ourselves and the world we inhabit.

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The Meaning of the 12 Houses in Astrology

The houses in astrology are based on the Earth’s rotation and the position of the planets at the time of our birth. Each house represents a different area of our lives, such as career, love and personality. Additionally, each planet has a specific meaning when it is in a particular house. The 12 houses are like a clock face, with the first house starting at 9 o’clock and the other houses following in a counterclockwise direction.

Astrology Houses Meanings Cheat Sheet

The Personal Houses

In astrology, the first six houses, often referred to as the “personal houses,” hold significant meaning as they delve into various aspects of our everyday lives. These houses revolve around themes like our physical appearance, personality traits, self-worth, communication skills, immediate environment, family life, and even our health. They give insights into how we present ourselves to the world, our financial standing, our intellectual pursuits, and our daily routines. These houses highlight the importance of self-awareness and how we navigate through our personal spheres.

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The 1st House: House of Self

The first house, also known as the Ascendant or Rising, represents our self-image, physical appearance, and how we present ourselves to the world. It is the house of beginnings and represents our birth and early childhood. The planets in the 1st house can give us insight into our personality and how we project ourselves to others. It influences our approach to life and our overall demeanour.

The 2nd House: House of Possessions

The second house is associated with personal finances, material possessions, and self-worth. The planets in the 2nd house can give us insight into our relationship with money and how we value ourselves. It governs our attitudes towards money, earning potential, financial stability, and the ability to accumulate wealth.

The 3rd House: House of Communication

The third house represents communication, learning, and the exchange of ideas. It is the house of siblings and neighbours and represents our ability to connect with others. The planets in the 3rd house can give us insight into our communication style and how we learn and process information. It rules over our intellect, curiosity, writing, speaking abilities, short-distance travel, and early education.

The 4th House: House of Home and Family

The fourth house represents our home, family and roots. It is the house of our childhood and represents our emotional foundation. The planets in the 4th house can give us insight into our relationship with our family and our sense of security and belonging.

The 5th House: House of Creativity and Romance

The fifth house represents creativity, romance, and self-expression. It is the house of children and represents our ability to have fun and enjoy life. The 5th house relates to hobbies, artistic pursuits, love affairs, children and speculative investments. It encompasses the joy derived from activities that bring you pleasure.

The 6th House: House of Health and Work

The sixth house is all about health, daily routines, work, service, and practicality. It influences our work ethic, job-related matters, physical well-being, routines, organisation, and our approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The 6th house highlights the importance of responsibility, efficiency, and service to others, providing insights into our work-life balance and dedication to overall well-being.

The Interpersonal Houses

The last six houses in astrology, known as the “interpersonal houses,” take us beyond the realm of our personal lives and dive into the dynamic interactions we have with others and the world around us. These houses explore themes such as partnerships, relationships, shared resources, career aspirations, friendships, and spiritual connections. They offer a fascinating glimpse into how we navigate our social landscape, the type of people we attract into our lives, and the roles we play within various communities. Understanding these houses helps us better comprehend the intricate dynamics of our relationships, the paths we choose to pursue, and the profound impact we have on others and the broader society.

The 7th House: House of Partnership and Marriage

The seventh house represents partnerships, marriage, and one-on-one relationships. It is the house of balance and represents our ability to relate to others. The planets in the 7th house can give us insight into our relationship patterns and our ability to compromise. This house also represents open enemies and legal matters.

The 8th House: House of Intimacy, Death, and Regeneration

The eighth house relates to transformation, shared resources, intimacy, and the occult. It governs deep emotional bonds, sexuality, inheritances, joint finances, secrets, and psychological growth. This house also touches upon the concept of life, death, and rebirth. The 8th house tells us about our relationship with power and our ability to regenerate and transform.

The 9th House: House of Philosophy and Travel

The ninth house represents philosophy, travel, and higher learning. It is the house of expansion and represents our ability to explore new ideas and cultures. It governs our beliefs, ideologies, ethical principles, long-distance journeys, cultural experiences, and the quest for wisdom and enlightenment. The 9th house relates to spirituality, religion, and legal affairs, shaping our spiritual inclinations and involvement in matters of faith and law.

The 10th House: House of Career and Public Standing

The tenth house represents career, public standing, and authority. It is the house of achievement and represents our ability to succeed in the world. It looks over our professional aspirations, achievements, recognition, reputation, and our sense of responsibility and ambition. The 10th house also signifies our relationship with authority figures and our overall contribution to society.

The 11th House: House of Friends and Social Groups

The eleventh house is closely linked to friendships, social networks, and aspirations. It influences our engagement in the community, connections to various groups and involvement in humanitarian endeavours. It also signifies the support we receive from our friends and like-minded individuals. Furthermore, the 11th house also symbolises our hopes, dreams, and ability to collaborate effectively as part of a team.

The 12th House: House of Karma and Spirituality

The twelfth house represents karma, spirituality, and the unconscious mind. It is the house of endings and represents our ability to let go. The 12th house invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner reflection, and spiritual enlightenment. It encourages us to embrace endings and surrender, allowing us to transcend the limitations of the material world and connect with the deeper aspects of our existence.


The twelve houses of astrology represent different aspects of our lives and experiences. From the 1st house, which reveals our self-image and personality, to the 2nd house, which governs our finances and possessions, and the 3rd house, which influences our communication and relationships with siblings, each house provides unique insights into various dimensions of our existence.

The remaining houses continue this journey, exploring themes such as home and family (4th house), creativity and romance (5th house), health and daily routines (6th house), partnerships and marriage (7th house), shared resources and transformations (8th house), higher education and spirituality (9th house), career and public image (10th house), friendships and social networks (11th house), and the subconscious mind and spirituality (12th house).

Understanding the significance of these houses in our birth chart can help us navigate and comprehend the complexities of our lives with greater depth and wisdom.

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