Smoky Quartz Meaning And Healing Properties

Chakra: 1st Chakra – Root

Found in: Scotland, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Africa

Mineral family: Quartz

Colour range: Translucent grey, brown and black

Great for: Grounding, neutralising negativity, protection from bad energy, focus, productivity, manifesting

Psychic protection: Wearing Smoky Quartz on your body can help dispel any psychic attacks during spiritual work and healing. As it is a grounding stone, it can aid in keeping you balanced and offer protection from negative energies.

Does the energy around you feel a bit sour lately? Perhaps you’ve been hit with a series of unfortunate events? Or maybe you’re feeling cursed and trapped in negativity? There is a possibility that you could be experiencing a psychic or spiritual attack. Quick – grab the closest piece of Smoky Quartz you can find!

Many spiritual workers and healers keep grounding crystals like Smoky Quartz around to dispel negative energies. It helps you to not lose yourself or your mind when you’re undergoing negative spiritual attacks. 

If you find it hard to focus or have a wandering mind that ends up in different galaxies every hour, Smoky Quartz is a great crystal to bring you back down to Earth. It’s a no-BS stone – much like a personal trainer that won’t put up with your lousy excuses. When used with the right intentions and actions, Smoky Quartz is an amazing stone for manifesting.

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