Selenite Desert Rose Meaning and Healing Properties

Chakras: 1st Chakra – Root, 7th Chakra – Crown

Found in: Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Tunisia, and Afghanistan

Mineral family: Gypsum

Colour range: Brown, tan, cream, white

Great for: Meditation, purifying, mental clarity, protection, self-expression

Attract abundance: Keep your Selenite Desert Rose in the east or south-east area of your home/work space to attract abundance and prosperity.

Are you feeling like it’s time to buck up and clear the mental fogginess that has been eluding you from reaching your goals? Ready to take on challenges and expel all doubt? Having a Selenite Desert Rose in your collection is the perfect cheerleader to give you the confidence to achieve all that your heart desires.

Selenite Desert Rose works to remove negative energies that may be surrounding you, thus allowing higher guidance from above to flow into your life. This crystal aids in purifying your chakras – especially the root and crown. Use this stone whilst meditating to kickstart chakra cleansing and to enhance your psychic gifts and intuition.

You will find that as you start to clear away the bad energies and absorb positive light and love, abundance and prosperity will effortlessly flow into your life. Keep a Selenite Desert Rose in your space to help continue filtering out negativity and to increase your daily manifestation power.

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