Red Jasper Meaning And Healing Properties

Chakra: 1st Chakra – Base

Found in: Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, USA, India, Indonesia, South America, Kazakhstan

Mineral family: Chalcedony

Colour range: Ranges from light to dark red, often mottled, spotted, ringed or striped 

Great for: Grounding, stability, security, balance, enhancing passion and vitality, strength, courage, endurance, energy, focus

Performing arts: Red Jasper is an ideal stone for those working in the performing arts, as it aids with becoming more sensitive to the audience

Red Jasper is not only intense in colour but also intense in its abilities. Passion, confidence and courage are the main characteristics of this bright and vivid stone.

Feeling a bit lacklustre lately? Red Jasper is a great pick-me-up. Wear it on your body to feel focused, confident and to ground your intentions. 

If people around you are stressing you are out, use Red Jasper to promote harmony and dispel pessimistic chatter. Nobody wants to be around negative energy.

For procrastinators, this is an awesome stone to have on your desk to help you stay alert and productive. It will amp up your focus and before you know it, your whole to-do list will be ticked off.

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