Black Tourmaline Meaning And Healing Properties

Chakras: 1st Chakra – Root

Found in: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, UK, Sri Lanka, USA

Mineral family: Tourmaline

Colour range: Black

Great for: Strength, wisdom, protection, dispelling bad thoughts, neutralising negative energies, regaining sense of security, grounding

Bye, Felicia: It is a well-known fact that Black Tourmaline is used to dispel negative energy, including negative people. Sick of dealing with bad coworkers or rude people? Keep a piece of Black Tourmaline near you or wear it as a pendant or bracelet. If you can’t keep them away from you physically, at least you can protect yourself from bad energy affecting your vibe.

Black Tourmaline a.k.a. Schorl is the ultimate protector against bad energies trying to infiltrate into your headspace. If negative thoughts and feelings of stress and frustration seem to be hovering around you 24/7, grab yourself some Black Tourmaline and say a mantra to keep the bad juju away.

Draw yourself away from your thoughts and bring yourself back to the present whilst meditating with Black Tourmaline. If you often find that you overthink things to the point of getting into a frenzy, use Black Tourmaline to balance your root chakra and reinstate security and stability into your life. 

Are psychic attacks proving to be a problem? Wear a piece of Black Tourmaline on your physical self to protect you from any harmful energy that others may be sending your way. As a strong spiritual grounding stone, Black Tourmaline will absorb and neutralise the bad vibes before it enters your space.

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