Amethyst Meaning And Healing Properties

Chakra: 7th Chakra – Crown

Found in: Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, USA

Mineral family: Quartz

Colour range: Light pinkish violet to a deep purple

Great for: Manifesting, calming, stress-relieving, inspiring dreams into actions, protection, guarding against psychic attacks, strengthening intuition, spiritual growth

Dream on: If you’re a dreamer with many visions you’d like to see come to life, carry an amethyst with you to inspire you everyday to take action and manifest those desires!

Amethyst is often referred to as a dreamer’s stone because it is used to help with insomnia and repel nightmares. Amethyst is like your guardian angel who protects you against negative energies and psychic attacks. If you are prone to these, place a piece of amethyst next to your bed and say, ‘Bye, Felicia’, to nasty energy.

Are you a bit of a stress-head? Take a breath and allow amethyst to calm you down. Meditate with an amethyst and release all that mental clutter that’s keeping you up at night.

Want to be more aligned with your higher self? Yeah, you do. Pair up with amethyst and be taken to the next level. With vibes so high, those pesky bad energies won’t be able to even reach you.

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