Amazonite Meaning And Healing Properties

Chakras: 4th Chakra – Heart and 5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

Found in: Russia, India, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Brazil, USA (Colorado and Virginia)

Mineral family: Microcline

Colour range: Teal, blue, green, purple, grey

Great for: Self-confidence, communication, manifestation, releasing toxic emotions, optimism

Confident speech: If you aren’t a fan of confrontation and need a little confidence booster in situations where you need to communicate clearly, keep an Amazonite stone nearby. As it is connected to the heart and throat chakras, Amazonite will help you let go of bad energy and speak your truth confidently.

First of all – despite its name – Amazonite is not found in the Amazon region. Its name actually derives from the fact that its watery bluish-green colour resembles the majestic Amazon River. Known as the ‘Stone of Hope’, Amazonite has long been regarded as a stone that inspires hope, faith and positivity to all who wear it.

Closely related to the heart chakra, Amazonite is a great stone for clearing away any inner conflicts and pessimistic thoughts. Commonly used as a meditation stone, the soothing energy from Amazonite can help align your chakras and give you clarity in times of hopelessness. The light-heartedness of Amazonite is there to remind you to stay positive in times of despair and remember that even the darkest days will pass.

Amazonite is a stone of good and honest communication – a must-have when dealing with Mercury retrogrades. This stone helps to clear your throat chakra and assists you with speaking your truth, especially when it comes to arguments or confrontations. Not a confident speaker? Keep one of these gorgeous stones near you for encouragement.

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